Floating Office

We came up with the floating office concept to offer a fresh, creative space where you can develop your ideas and escape the same four-wall office, even if just for a day!

It’s all about finding the perfect balance between work and play. You and your team can learn to sail a boat and work together in a fun yet challenging environment. And you will get to enjoy a well-deserved meal afterwards.

You might also want to hold your next business meeting on a boat. Why not? The relaxing and beautiful environment makes the interaction a pleasant one. Moving away from the traditional ‘business meal’, you will have all the privacy you need. As well as excellent food prepared by a professional chef.

Everything you need: Power Outlets, Food & Drinks, Good WiFi Connection, Big screen available

Ideal for: Business Meetings, Corporate Sailing, Team Building, Staff Incentives, Corporate Entertainment, Networking, and Brainstorming Sessions.

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