A Week in the Mediterranean


When last summer I was invited by Clayton to join him on Nina II’s maiden trip from Pescara ta Malta, I was a little weary of what the journey would entail. I had never really been on a sailing boat for more than an afternoon and the thought of being ‘stuck’ there for a week was driving me crazy even before departure.

Nevertheless, my lust for adventure got the better of me, and there I was, flying to Italy to help my friend sail down the Adriatic and bring home his new jewel of a boat.

What ensued was a week filled with adventure, laughter, food and new friendships. It took me a day to get used to the constant rocking of the boat, but from then on out it was all plain sailing… Miles and miles of open blue sea and a never-ending horizon.

We spent our days basking in the Mediterranean sun, chatting and telling stories, napping on deck and spotting all the beautiful sea life that swam by.

This experience also ended up being an eye opener in an educational way.  Not only have I learned about sailing techniques and jargon, weather patterns and waves, but also, about the enormous amount of waste dumped in our seas which threatens the World’s wild life. This made me much more conscious of the need to safeguard our natural heritage.

The week flew by and my preconceptions about sailing had all but been thrown at sea. You will probably think twice about doing something or going somewhere outside your comfort zone. But you will never know how much you can learn and how much fun you can have unless you go out and do it.

Sailing out in the open sea turned out to be one of the most relaxing, liberating and fun experiences of my life. An experience I would recommend to all.


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Why Malta?

Or better yet, why not Malta?! The calm seas and pleasant weather makes it the perfect Summer destination, especially for boat lovers.

Malta may be a small island but it is packed with beautiful sights. Here’s a list of the 10 Top things to do this Summer:


Rescuing a turtle!

We found Doris floating helplessly in the sea. Its rear fin showing in the left of the pic was trapped in a nylon net. Unluckily, its fin has been amputated but will luckily be able to survive. The trip from Pescara to Malta made me so much more conscious on how much trash we throw in our seas. It’s a real shame.. Doing my best to keep this experience as a reminder to consume less and produce less waste!

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